Business Survival Linked to Creativity and Innovation

Business Creativity and Innovation like a Lightbulb.

The American Marketing Association recently surveyed 500 CEOs and asked them “What do you need to do to survive in the next five years?” Over 80% of those surveyed said that creativity and vision were most important to their companies’ survival. They were then asked to rate their company’s effectiveness on how well they were … Read more

Essential Tech Tools to Organize and Boost Your Solopreneur Success

Essential Tech Tools for Your Business.

Retail Level Up welcomes our guest contributor: Courtney Rosenfeld!! The life of a solopreneur can be overwhelming and lonely. Making the transition to investing in yourself and by yourself is a brave move – but it’s also a smart one. According to the Third Annual Independent Workforce Report, 41.8 million individuals identify as a one-person … Read more