5 Signs You Need a Coach

30 years ago the most common place to find a coach was in the locker room, or on a sports field, or in an athletic training facility. Today, a coach can be found in just about every type of business, large and small, and in every type of industry. My dentist has had a coach for the past 20 years. The owner of busiest and most successful nail salon in my town has had a coach for the past two years to help her grow and become more profitable. A coach can help the largest work organization to the smallest mom and pop shop, as well as any individual wanted to grow and develop their skills. A coach can help you achieve just about any goal you are trying to achieve. How do you know if you need a coach? There are five key signs.

#1 You want to bounce some ideas off someone who can be objective, someone not emotionally tied to you. You may have once had a new idea or a dream you shared with a family member or friend. When you shared that idea or dream with them, their first reaction was to ask “Are you sure you want to do that? Do you even know how to do that? Isn’t that risky?” No matter how experienced or knowledgeable your friends and family members are, they are emotionally tied to you. They instinctively want to help keep you safe. They are not the best ones to help you brainstorm and vet an idea that may take in into a new, and unknown area. A coach provides you with that objective, safe, confidential sounding board so that you can fully brainstorm your ideas.

#2 You have difficulty putting ideas into action. Lots of people have incredibly creative ideas, but when you try to move those ideas from concept into actual action steps, that can be challenging.  A coach helps you take those great ideas, those big goals, and break them down into action steps so you have a road map of how to get there. The starting point is the idea, but if you have difficulty figuring out what your next steps are, and what order they should occur in, a coach can help.

#3 You feel stuck and frustrated. We have had many clients come to us with great goals. They knew what they wanted, and they even knew many of the action steps they needed to take. Yet week after week they faced obstacles or lacked the initiative to take the action steps they knew they need to take. In those instances, we worked with our clients to identify the obstacles, helped them determine their own ideas on how to get around those blocks to make take the action to achieve their goals.

#4 You are working too many hours and are accomplishing too little. A coach shares tips, tools, and proven processes to help clients make the most productive use of their time and get back control of their schedule. We all get the same number of hours in a day. It is our choices or what we spend our time on that determines whether or not we are productive with our time. A coach can help you identify how to plan your time better in ways that will support your efforts to achieve your goals.

#5 You want to increase your personal accountability. You may know exactly what you want. You may even know the exact steps you need to take in order to get what it is that you want, but you are still struggling to make it happen. That comes down to personal accountability. Whenever we have to get out of our comfort zone, it is hard. Change is hard, but in order to achieve something you’ve never had, you have to do things that you’ve never done. What got you here is not going to get you there.

Did one, or more of these five signs resonate with you? Ae you feeling stuck and frustrated? Do you want help figuring out what the next steps are? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions,  send us an email at info@retaillevelup.com . The initial consultation is free. At the very least you will come away with clarity on your goal and even some initial action steps. It is never too late to start! Now is the time to move from goal-setting to goal-getting!  

Retail Level Up provides coaching, training, and consulting services to individuals and teams. Visit www.retaillevelup.com to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.

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