The GIFT of Feedback – Getting Some

The GIFT of Feedback – Getting Some - Retail Level Up

When we were in school, we were on the receiving end of tons of feedback. We were constantly being measured, tested, and observed. Lots has been written and researched lately about the benefits, and damages, of the methods that are used to teach, test, and measure students, but knowing how we are performing is a … Read more

Stupid Brick-and-Mortar Mistakes to Avoid – Relying on Technology Too Much

Stupid Brick-and-Mortar Mistakes to Avoid – Relying on Technology Too Much - Retail Level Up

There are a lot of articles, blogs, and white papers lately talking about the latest software, technologies, tracking programs, and systems that will solve all kinds of customer attraction, retention, and satisfaction issues. It’s tempting to believe that all a store needs to do in order to survive in this new, challenging world of retail, … Read more

Brick-and-Mortar’s Time to Shine

Brick-and-Mortar’s Time to Shine - Retail Level Up

The spiders, black cats, and tombstones have barely been moved from front-and-center to their spot in the clearance section. A few harvest displays may have claimed some prime real estate, but the big location-hog right now is everything Holiday. Though a few people complain every year that retailers seem to be displaying Holiday-themed merchandise earlier … Read more

TOP TEN – Retail Selling Mistakes

TOP TEN – Retail Selling Mistakes - Retail Level Up

As any good retailer knows, the customer has the power. Here are the top 10 mistakes retail sales people make when engaging with customers. Failing to build rapport with the customer. This is the age of “ization”: customization and personalization. Failing to ask questions to discover the customer’s needs and requirements. Focusing on their own … Read more

The Biggest Gap In The World

How can Retail Level Up help you achieve success

Why do some people achieve so much, and others don’t? Why is it that a group of people can all attend the same workshop, learn the same stuff, be all excited about these new learnings, and yet less than 15% of those who attended will ever do anything with that information? Do these high achievers … Read more

It Can Be Done

Yes, It Can Be Done

I had a wish. There was something I wanted to do, very much. It was something I had never done before, at least not in as big a way as I imagined it in my mind. I wanted to lead the National Anthem in front of a crowd. Like most US citizens, I have sung … Read more

Selling vs. Service

When I was a new department manager for JCPenney, I went to a week-long off-site training which was the culmination of an 18-month management training program. I still use much of what I learned in that training today. One of the best lessons was on service vs. selling.  The trainer used an example of a … Read more