How You Can Become a Business Owner Even as a Young Person

Retail Level Up welcomes guest contributor, Charlene Roth (see Charlene’s info at the bottom of the article). Starting a business is no longer the lengthy and laborious process it once was. Furthermore, more and more young people are jumping on the chance to make a go of it because of the many opportunities available, mainly … Read more

Business Owners Can Find the Best Freelancers With These 4 Tips

Retail Level Up welcomes guest contributor, Tina Martin! As a modern-day business owner, the odds are high that you will work with freelancers sooner rather than later. Professionals who are highly proficient with a specific skill can often get the most value for their time by working on a freelance basis. Even some full-time employees choose … Read more

Direction Is More Important Than Speed

Direction is more important than speed, especially if you’re heading towards a cliff. For many years I worked in Corporate America for a variety of sized businesses, from small independent companies to mid-size and large multi-billion-dollar companies that were publicly traded. After working for many years in corporate America I got to observe senior executives … Read more

Bring Your Business Sense Together With Your Green Ethics as an Ecopreneur

Retail Level Up welcomes guest contributor, Tina Martin! Did you know that you can combine your business skills with your care for the earth, and embark on a career as an ecopreneur? Ecopreneurship refers to the work of business owners and managers who offer sustainable products and services while also utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly business models … Read more


Those who endure conquer.  Endurance is often the difference between success and regret. Whenever I start to feel a little unmotivated or uninspired to keep working on a goal, I look for examples of people who have attempted something, failed but then they picked themselves up and tried again. People like Jerry Seinfeld. He was … Read more