People & Culture Must Be A Retailer’s Top Priorities

Brick-and-mortar retailers have been challenged over the past decade or so to innovate, adapt, or face the inevitable death of being a dinosaur. As consumers have become comfortable with shopping for their wants and needs online, the fate of brick-and-mortar retailers has been on uncertain ground. With what has been happening in the first half … Read more

Stupid Brick-and-Mortar Mistakes to Avoid – Failing to Invest in Your People

investing in your people and employees is proven to increase your bottom-line and satisfaction

Managing a retail organization is challenging. When looking at the P&L, the eye often gets drawn to those big line items, one of the biggest often being store labor. It’s tempting to set an expectation to save a percent or two on the labor budget. It‘s a big number, so even though the percent is … Read more

Stupid Brick-and-Mortar Mistakes to Avoid – Relying on Technology Too Much

There are a lot of articles, blogs, and white papers lately talking about the latest software, technologies, tracking programs, and systems that will solve all kinds of customer attraction, retention, and satisfaction issues. It’s tempting to believe that all a store needs to do in order to survive in this new, challenging world of retail, … Read more

Brick-and-Mortar’s Time to Shine

The spiders, black cats, and tombstones have barely been moved from front-and-center to their spot in the clearance section. A few harvest displays may have claimed some prime real estate, but the big location-hog right now is everything Holiday. Though a few people complain every year that retailers seem to be displaying Holiday-themed merchandise earlier … Read more