Stupid Brick-and-Mortar Mistakes to Avoid – Relying on Technology Too Much

There are a lot of articles, blogs, and white papers lately talking about the latest software, technologies, tracking programs, and systems that will solve all kinds of customer attraction, retention, and satisfaction issues. It’s tempting to believe that all a store needs to do in order to survive in this new, challenging world of retail, … Read more

Brick-and-Mortar’s Time to Shine

The spiders, black cats, and tombstones have barely been moved from front-and-center to their spot in the clearance section. A few harvest displays may have claimed some prime real estate, but the big location-hog right now is everything Holiday. Though a few people complain every year that retailers seem to be displaying Holiday-themed merchandise earlier … Read more

If It’s Lonely At The Top, You’re Doing It Wrong

When I was first promoted to the role of President and CEO, I became very familiar with the phrase “It’s lonely at the top.” Anyone who has made the move from the role of a worker on the team, to be the one in charge of the team, knows it can be a challenging transition. … Read more

Skill or Will? Either way it comes back to you, boss

Last Spring, I was leading a roundtable discussion group of managers from various industries and we were talking about how to get the best performance from your people. One manager chimed in with “Hire slow, fire fast”. Most of the group acknowledged this comment with knowing head nods and “mm hmm” approvals. That really wasn’t … Read more

Exceptional Customer Service – why your employees are your secret weapon for success

Over 30 years ago, when I started my career in retail as a sales associate at a JCPenney store, the opening screen on our CRT computers showed the company name and the tagline: “Customer Service is our #1 Priority”. I took that phrase to heart. I worked hard to learn what the company’s standards and … Read more

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