How to Find, Manage, and Retain Remote Freelancers


by Guest Contributor: Tina Martin of Freelancers are the secret weapons of many successful small businesses — they enable you to expand your offerings without the expense of full-time employees. With online job boards and communication tools, it’s possible to find top-notch talent in countries as far away as India for affordable prices. A … Read more

Get More Done In Less Time

Get More Done In Less Time.

Doesn’t that sound like a great thing? Get more done in less time. We all could use a magic wand that would do that for us. The most successful people write down their goals. They also create action plans, and then they identify the action steps that need to happen. Another step that the most … Read more

Planning Your Future Organizational Structure – For the Solopreneur

Planning Your Future Organizational Structure – For the Solopreneur

Very few successful businesses are run entirely by only one person. Many businesses start out as a one-man-show, and many never grow beyond that. But most successful businesses add additional employees as the business grows. It is important to strategically look at all the different areas of the business, the functions, and the various responsibilities. … Read more

Essential Tech Tools to Organize and Boost Your Solopreneur Success

Essential Tech Tools for Your Business.

Retail Level Up welcomes our guest contributor: Courtney Rosenfeld!! The life of a solopreneur can be overwhelming and lonely. Making the transition to investing in yourself and by yourself is a brave move – but it’s also a smart one. According to the Third Annual Independent Workforce Report, 41.8 million individuals identify as a one-person … Read more


Are You Busy? Of Course, You Are!

Are you busy? That is a silly question, right? Of course, you are busy; we are all busy! You may be feeling even a bit overwhelmed. It used to be when we greeted someone you would say “hey, how are you doing?” The answer would be “good, great, how are you?” Now the response is … Read more