Those who endure conquer.  Endurance is often the difference between success and regret. Whenever I start to feel a little unmotivated or uninspired to keep working on a goal, I look for examples of people who have attempted something, failed but then they picked themselves up and tried again.

People like Jerry Seinfeld. He was booed off the stage at one of his first comedy club performances but that didn’t stop him from getting back up there again and again. He refined his act and kept trying. His is best know for the sitcom he created and wrote with Larry David, Seinfeld, which became one of the most acclaimed and popular American sitcoms of all time. In 2004 Comedy Central named him as the 12th-greatest stand-up comedian of all time.

I also like to look at the story of Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks. Howard contacted more than 200 potential investors trying to get his first original loan to start his little idea of a cafe that served espresso. After a year of getting rejections over and over again he finally landed three independent individual investors to get his first loan. Now Starbucks has over 32,000 locations in 83 countries and has over 350,000 employees.

You may have heard of surfer Bethany Hamilton. She was only 13 years old when a shark bit off her left arm but in less than a month she was back on a surfboard. She is now recognized as one of the top women surfers in the world.

Three very different people: a comedian, a businessman, and a surfer. Three people who have very little in common except for one thing: endurance. They all experienced setbacks, obstacles, and even a tragic accident, yet they all kept going. They kept working towards their dream. That’s not to say that they didn’t have doubts; I’m sure they did. We all have bad days, but the difference between achieving your goals and regretting what could have been is stick-to-itiveness. It is that determination to endure the discomfort of failure that gets you to success.

When you endure, your setbacks become learning opportunities. When you endure, your failures become teaching moments. When you endure, you choose not to accept quitting as an option.

Enthusiasm gets you started but it is endurance that takes you across the finish line.

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