Goal Setting vs. Goal Getting

There was a group of young men loading up their gear on a boat. Close by, there is another boat with an older gentleman loading up his gear. The older gentleman yells out to the young guys and asks what their plans are for the day. One of the young men says “We’re going out fishing, all day long.” The older gentleman says “Well, good luck with that.” The young man replies, “What are you up to today, old-timer?” to which the older gentleman replies “I am going catching.”

Just as there is a difference between fishing and catching, there is a difference between goal setting and goal getting. The first step in achieving anything is to decide on what the goal is. But deciding on a goal is not enough. Saying that you want to achieve a goal is not enough. You have to take action. In order to achieve any goal, you must identify what actions need to be taken, how long will each action take, what tools and resources will you need? It is a good idea to think about who you know who has done this before. Tapping into the wisdom and experience of someone who has succeeded and more importantly, has had some failures, is a great way to learn best practices and to avoid making the same mistakes they made.

So, you have clearly defined goals. You also know the action steps that need to be taken. Great! Now what?

What is holding you back? In most cases. What holds people back from achieving their goals is not a lack of information or resources. The #1 thing holding them back, is themselves. Now, no one sets out to self-sabotage themselves, but it is amazing how frequently it happens. We humans are creatures of habit. When we set out to achieve something new, we need to do things we have never done, and our brains are hard-wired to resist anything new. So how do you fix this? By hiring a coach.

At Retail Level Up we help our clients identify their goals, break them down into action steps and timelines, and then most importantly we help them hold themselves accountable for taking action. We show them how to track and measure their progress on a daily and weekly basis. The tracking and measuring of your progress is key to achieving your goals.

How many times have you started working on a new goal with a great deal of enthusiasm, but then over time, you lost interest or focus, realized you weren’t making much, if any progress, so you quit? Then, after some time passes, you think “Gee, I would really like to tackle that goal again!” You begin again, and then, after some time passes, you quit yet again. That is the cycle of “Quit and Repeat”.

If you want to break the cycle of “Quit and Repeat”, if you would like to get more done in 12 weeks than most people get done in 12 months you need to contact Retail Level Up. We have the tips, the tools, and the resources to help you achieve your goals. Take positive action today to help you move from goal setting to goal getting, because now even more than ever, it’s time to Level Up!

Retail Level Up provides coaching, training, and consulting services to individuals and teams. Visit www.retaillevelup.com to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.

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