How Having a Coach Helps

How does having a coach help? In the past 30 years, business coaches went from rare to common. If you have thought about hiring a coach for yourself, but you are still on the fence about how having a coach helps, here are some positive benefits and outcomes you can expect to experience by working with a coach.

Inner-Clarity. A coach helps you see yourself more clearly. This may sound like something you should probably already know, right? But getting an independent and completely objective observation of yourself is impossible to do for yourself. At some point in your life you have probably had someone come up to you and offer you a completely honest observation that they have of you. If that observation was something that reflected positively on you, then you probably felt flattered and were really pleased they took the time to share that with you. If the observation was a little less than flattering, at first you might have felt defensive, but hopefully after you reflected on their feedback, you were able to learn from it. When someone takes the time to share feedback with you, it is usually because they wanted to help you.  That is what it is like working with a coach. A coach helps you identify your strengths and opportunities so you can work on them.  

Outer-Clarity. When you assess others inaccurately, it can cause problems. You may have had an instance where you have lost a good employee because you didn’t recognize or support the capabilities that they brought to the job. Or you may have kept an employee on too long because their job performance was exceeding their other teammates’, but their attitude and treatment of their teammates was creating a negative environment in the workplace. A coach helps you learn skills so you can see others more clearly and make better and more accurate assessments of them.

Assessing. A coach helps you learn new ways to respond. We all have our own set of capabilities and responses and those skills have gotten you to the level that you are at now, but those same skills are not what are going to get you to the next level. A coach helps you make accurate assessments of your own capabilities and the current responses that you tend to use and helps you develop those skills so you can grow, stretch, and learn new ways to respond.

Relationship Building. A coach helps you build more productive relationships. You can dramatically limit your effectiveness of building strong relationships with others when you limit yourself to building relationships with only certain kinds of people. We naturally tend to surround ourselves with people who remind us of ourselves: similarities in background, gender, beliefs, race, style of work, etc. A coach can help you identify these limitations. We are so much more likely to experience success when we embrace a variety of ideas, opinions, and backgrounds. When we look at differing opinions as a way of learning something new, with a curiosity and a desire to learn, that is what helps you achieve more success.

Strengths Building. A coach helps you leverage your strengths. Sometimes, when we are naturally good at something, we make the wrong assumption that everybody else is good at that too. A coach helps you identify your strengths and recognize your uniqueness which helps you to understand the value of your capabilities.

Achieve More. A coach helps you achieve your goals. A coach helps you get really clear on what it is that you really want. So many of us know what we don’t want, that is really clear and easy for us to identify. But when we are posed with the question “What do you want?” it can really stump us. A coach can be a powerful and really useful support system on your journey. Your wants you to succeed. Your family, your friends, and supervisors all have a vested interest in your success, but they can be swayed by their personal connection to you, and by how your success may impact them. A coach can be completely honest with you. A coach helps you learn how your actions are either helping or hindering you from achieving your goals.

Be Coachable. A coach can help you achieve incredible results, but you must be coachable. You must have a desire to work on your own personal growth and development. Any time we try something new, it is hard. Change is hard. But if you are committed to achieving your goals, having a coach is a powerful tool that will help you get results way faster than you ever could on your own.

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