Interest vs. Commitment

When we are interested in something, we do it when it is convenient for us. The circumstances have to be just right, we need to have the right setting, all the tools we need. When we are interested, we will do it when it is convenient.  When we are committed to something, we will do it no matter what. We make it happen. We accept no excuses, not from ourselves, and certainly not from anyone else. It takes persistence and determination, but we make it happen.

I had an acquaintance a couple of years ago who was launching her own business. This was a big endeavor for her, and a big deviation from her past experience of working for corporations all of her life.  She worked hard to come up with a product, she hired a graphic artist to develop a logo for her, hired a marketing team to help her run Facebook and Instagram ads. She was launching about the same time I was starting my own business. I watched what she was doing and used her as a benchmark to encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone. I ran into her about nine months after she launched. I had noticed there had not been any recent activity on social media, and I wondered what was happening with her business. When I bumped into her, I asked “Hey! How is your new business going?” Her response was “Oh, well, yeah. It didn’t work out.”

What do you think happened? She quit. She gave up. She ran into some obstacles and decided they were insurmountable. Why? Because she was interested in the idea of having her own business, but she wasn’t fully committed.

Any time we start a new endeavor, anything that’s worthwhile, it will most likely be an uphill battle. Hardly anything just falls in our lap. If you really want something, you have to work hard for it. It takes commitment. It takes dedication and persistence.

What is it that is so important to you that you will not allow yourself any excuses to make happen? Something in your work, your career your business. Have you been working on it for a while? Have you run into some obstacles and are struggling to figure out how to get past them?

There is a great tool available to help you. Hiring a coach. A coach provides a new viewpoint that is completely nonjudgmental. A coach provides a whole new perspective to help you identify areas of opportunity that you might have missed. A coach helps you hold yourself accountable, to do those tasks you know you should do, but you keep putting off.  

If you have some goals that you want to achieve in your career, work, or business, and you are more than merely interested, if you are truly committed, then hiring a coach can help you achieve success. Stack the deck in your favor. Hire a coach.

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