Managing From Afar

A year ago there were probably thousands of people across the US that had a wish, they had a dream: they wanted to be able to work remotely. Some of those people probably went to their managers and made the request  that they would like to work from home and a lot of them heard the answer “No, we just don’t operate like that. We really need you here in the office.” And then March of 2020 happened and suddenly businesses across the US were thrust into figuring out this working from home, and working remotely process. There was some mad scrambling. A lot of IT departments were slammed with trying to figure out how to get their workers the right devices, and the right access. Processes had to be changed, calendars had to be shifted, online meeting sources had to be identified and used to help the teams’ work remotely and still feel like they’re a team.

Remote work logistics. So the operational logistics were figured out, and you’re good to go right? There is one factor that has been overlooked in many companies. When it comes to managing a team remotely, it is very challenging. Clear and effective communication and strong leadership is difficult and challenging enough when you have the best conditions. When you are working in-person, in close proximity, leading, managing, and communicating is a bit easier. But throw in the change of working remotely, with no one allowed to get together in-person anymore, and the simple act of communicating is very challenging. So what do you do?

Culture is key. We have all read the books and the articles about some of the most successful brands and companies throughout history. There is one consistent theme across all of those success stories: the passion of the leaders and the mission and vision of the company is what brings the team together. When a team is united in working towards that same goal, and they feel that positive company culture, it inspires them to do exceptional things.

Turn to the experts. So how do you make that happen when your people are remote? It is pretty challenging but there is a solution. There is one industry that has been doing this remote management thing for a really long time. There is one industry that has the knowledge and the proven methods for effectively managing from afar. That industry is retail. Managing, leading, and motivating a team from afar can be really challenging and it makes sense to turn to a resource that has been doing this successfully for years; a resource that understands the process and has proven methods for making it effective.

Help your managers to lead. Now that you have the logistics down of how to have your team working remotely, the next step is how to make sure that you are keeping those teams engaged and you are retaining your very best people. Don’t assume that your managers are going to be able to figure out how to lead, motivate, and communicate with their team when they don’t have the opportunity to get them all together in person. Turn to the resource that can help. Visit . We have the tools, the resources, the coaching, and the consulting to help companies navigate this new-to-you way of managing and leading from afar because that is what we do at Retail Level Up. Partner with us and help your management and executive team to level up. Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation today.

Retail Level Up provides coaching, training, and consulting services to individuals and teams. Visit to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.

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