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Retail Leadership Mastery

Feeling stuck? Having trouble advancing your career? Are you experiencing high turnover on your staff? Do the customers who step into your location just look around and leave?
Becoming a Skilled Retail Leader program will help you build a strong team of skilled and knowledgeable employees. Improve customer satisfaction. Take your skills as a leader to the next level, faster!

Learn the Skills to Drive Sales 🚀

This course includes 10 lessons, plus extra videos to help you prepare your own personal growth and development and next steps. The biggest factor of whether you are successful or not, in any job you do, lies in your own personal skills. Developing your skills is a journey. It takes practice, patience, and persistence. This course is designed to help you succeed!

Lessons include:

  • Setting Expectations,
  • Effective Communication,
  • How to Deliver Feedback,
  • Importance of Documentation,
  • Driving Results,
  • Key Performance Indicators,
  • Creating a Great Customer Experience,
  • and more!

Each lesson includes:

  • Video instruction,
  • Downloadable MP3 audio,
  • Exercises and downloadable forms and worksheets.

Also includes an Assessment at the end so you can test your knowledge.

PLUS – you also get access to all the lessons in Retail Skills for Success!

AND a BONUS – a free, 45 minute consultation with a Retail Level Up coach! We will dive into what your goals are and help you form an action plan to make it happen!

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What Our Clients Say...

I loved when you spoke about being consistent in your respect for others! This is so important for leaders and managers to remember. I also loved the self-awareness exercise of rating ourselves and how we respect each category of people. Great job on this lesson!
Janna C
Human Resource Specialists
Amazing experience getting to work with Mickey. She knows her stuff and can really help your business. I think a great way to get to know her more is trying out one of her Mastermind groups!
Joab L
Business Owner

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Retail Leadership Mastery

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