Stupid Brick-and-Mortar Mistakes to Avoid – Failing to Invest in Your People

Managing a retail organization is challenging. When looking at the P&L, the eye often gets drawn to those big line items, one of the biggest often being store labor. It’s tempting to set an expectation to save a percent or two on the labor budget. It‘s a big number, so even though the percent is small, it equates to big dollars saved, straight to the bottom line.

But retail is a people-business: the customers, the employees who serve them, and the leaders who support the employees. Yet time and time again, we see retailers make this same mistake: cutting labor hours on the sales floor.

closedThere is no quicker way to send a ripple of concern throughout the organization, and those employees who are feeling the concern are the ones who interact with your customers the most. Whatever your employees are feeling gets communicated to your customers, even when the employees say nothing about their concerns. How is that?

Ever walk into a room and instantly feel the energy being emanated from the people who were already there? It’s like walking into a sporting event when the Home Team is winning; it’s electric. Or, on the flip side, entering a hospital surgery waiting room; the tension and anxiety are palpable.

Wise advice: you can’t cut your way to success.

As the retail industry continues to evolve and change, in order to remain competitive, asmall plants retailer must invest in their people. A retailer’s employees are its most valuable asset. What is the smart thing to do with such a valuable asset? Nurture it. Protect it. Keep it growing, expanding, thriving.

No better way to let your employees know how valuable they are to the organization than to demonstrate it by investing in them. A great way to do that is to provide your retail sales teams with training. Retail business training courses are available online and make it easy to deliver value to your employees.

Offering business retail management courses to your employees has never been easier. Employees in your stores, no matter where they are located, can be given access to the online courses and learn at their own pace. Reports can be provided for tracking progress. 25388715424_65480dbf18_k.jpgRetail professionals at the district, region, and corporate levels are now able to leverage online training. The ease of delivering retail business training courses, without the expense of bringing employees all together to one location to receive the training, is a game changer. Many larger retailers have been providing this to their employees for years. Now, retail business training courses are available to all sizes of retail organizations, from a one-store mom-and-pop, to a multi-location operation across multiple cities and/or states.

Retail Level Up offers retail business training courses online. Retail Level Up’s “Retail Skills for Success” is perfect for entry-level retail managers and for those who are being groomed to get their first management assignment. “Retail Leadership Mastery” provides online training to help retail managers take their skills to the next level and in turn helps the overall retail organization build better bench strength. “Advanced Retail Leadership Mastery” (coming soon in 1st half of 2020) will provide an online training program along with on-going coaching that will empower retail management teams to work smarter, not harder, increase retention, and improve employee, as well as customer satisfaction.

Have you heard the joke?CEO CFO A CEO and CFO were discussing the upcoming annual budget. The topic of discussion was how much the company would invest in the coming year in employee training, specifically management soft-skills, personal growth, and individual development. The CFO asked, “What if we invest this money and they leave?” The CEO replied, “What if we don’t invest in this training and they stay?

It’s worth every penny to invest in your people. Give your retail teams the best reason to stay because it’s a great place to work!

Retail Level Up provides retail business management online training courses, coaching, and expertise to help retailers survive and thrive in this new age of technology. Visit our website to learn more. Contact us at to request a call or meeting.

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