Take Charge of Your Career – Interview with Lynn Whitbeck (Part 1 of 2)

Mickey Quinn: Welcome to Retail Level Up’s Moment with Mickey. Today we have a special guest, Lynn Whitbeck. Lynn is the founder and CEO of Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales. She helps the world by providing sales and leadership training programs to achieve more, faster. Lynn is the catalyst for businesses to turn their sales teams into revenue generating champions. Lynn is also the co-author of a highly regarded book Practical Wisdom at Work. Welcome Lynn!

Lynn Whitbeck:  Hey Mickey! I’m so excited to be here with you today!

Mickey: I am looking forward to hearing all the tips of the wisdom that you can share with us because the retail industry has certainly been going through some challenges, even before 2020.

Lynn:  Oh absolutely! I mean some people call it the “retail apocalypse.”

Mickey: Yeah, I hate that negative connotation!

Lynn: Right, yes, yes! We need to get over that!

Mickey: So Lynn, please give our audience a brief recap of your background leading up to what you’re currently doing.

Lynn: I have been in professional sales for most of my career. It enabled me to climb the corporate ladder, eventually leading to C-Suite positions, but within that world, literally all over the world, closing multibillion dollar global deals, which was an amazing experience. I came to a moment of transition in my life. I had been working at a startup that was going to fail, you could see that writing on the wall. My husband was also diagnosed with terminal cancer. Those catalysts reframed what I wanted to do moving forward. It created this vision for me to create Petite2Queen. The sole purpose of Petite2Queen is really to help lift people who are entering the workforce. We’ve been in the workforce for a while and have learned the things that they don’t teach you, that you have to learn on the job. When starting out you stumble and you make mistakes, some of them cringe worthy. Let’s help them; give everybody a hand-up so that you can get through that and empower themselves to boost their careers by learning these skills. These power skills that aren’t taught, unless you have like a resource like we are providing. At the same time I was continuing to do the sales consulting and we were managing all of that as our income generator and I finally went “well, wait a minute!” I should really be putting this out there as separate site which is what we did with Future Forward Sales so that we had a way for people to find a home there to look for our sales program and it’s just been an amazing sort of evolution to add that because we’ve always been doing it it’s just been running in the background so instead, we really put a face on that for the world to see.

Mickey: Wonderful, thank you! As I mentioned earlier, our Retail Level Up audience has been experiencing a great deal of change in the retail industry over the past several years but it just escalated to the boiling point this year in 2020, with the global pandemic. We have been speaking with several entrepreneurs who have pushed through these challenging times in the retail industry and are experiencing actually good sales and the are thriving! One of the topics I feel you could really be a great help with to our audience is how to break free of that negativity and the nay-sayers?

Lynn:  That is really an important thing and the first thing you have to really start with is that all of us have just naturally forming spontaneous negative thoughts and mental chatter. It’s almost like a certain piece of survival, right? So one of the things that we have to do is first ask ourselves “what is the driver?” “Why do I feel this way?” and then “how can I replace those negative thoughts with positive thinking?” I have a technique that I use, and it’s called Pause-Frame-and-Affirm. This really helps you in those situations. First what is that negative thought? Recognize it, pause, really identify the source and the context. Then you’re going to frame, or reframe that thought, and you do that with an affirmation.

One of the things that I found myself doing is that I would get up in the morning and I would say “I have so much I have to do today!” So right there, I just framed my day with a negative. So paused, recognized I was doing that, and I changed that moment. How can I turn that into a positive? Now I do this every day when I wake up, I say “there are so many things I GET to do today!” By doing that, I have reframed my whole day. I now start it on a positive.

Affirmations are incredibly powerful, and we can use them in all areas of our lives. I cycle through a few every month. If you say them first thing, out loud, in the morning, you are retraining your brain. If you do this every day. usually within 20 to 30 days you will have absorbed it and you will have reframed your thinking. Then you can move on to the next item. You can use this in situations where you are with another person and they are being really negative. You can pause, reframe, and then help with an affirmation. Sometimes people need to unload or they need to be heard and that you can help them process that if they are constantly negative.  

Mickey: Excellent I love simple tips and things that are easy to remember. Pause-Frame-Affirm. Along the same lines of this negativity and the naysayer voice in our brain that keeps popping up is impostor syndrome. How does that hold us back and how do we how do we overcome it?

Lynn: Impostor syndrome is a pattern of thinking. It’s where you think you’re not good enough, not smart enough, or maybe you’re not worthy enough. These are truly self-imposed barriers. People don’t see us the same way as we might see ourselves. It’s one of the things that you really need to recognize that you are having these kinds of negative thoughts. If you can track your automatic thoughts that you have every day, for about 5 days, and then look for patterns and see if what comes up. We all have occasions of self-doubt. But there is another, more intense level of self-doubt, and that’s where you literally don’t believe that you deserve a seat at the table. That is impostor syndrome.  You need to recognize your own accomplishments so you can break through these barriers and bust right through. Focus on your strengths and opportunities.

We spend a lot of time focusing on resilience, agility, and problem solving. All of these skills can be learned and that’s one of the great things we share in our Petite2Queen podcast episodes. We go through how you can learn these skills and then how you can apply them to whatever you’re doing, whether it’s learning how to cook an omelet or learning how to manage up. Resilience, agility, and problem solving are cornerstone skills for every career.

To be continued…watch for Part 2 coming soon!

For more information about our guest, Lynn Whitbeck and the great services she and her team offer, visit https://petite2queen.com .

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