The First Step to Achieving Any Goal

At Retail Level Up, we have a diverse roster of clients. They all have different types of businesses, brands, owners, and personalities. Every business has a different journey, a different need, and different goals. But for this article, we are going to compare and contrast two different business owners to illustrate the first step to achieving any goal.

Our first example is business owner Bob. Bob came to us about a year ago. He had a big goal that he wanted to achieve with his business. We have been working with Bob every week for the past year. Bob has been very diligent about identifying what the key tasks are that he needs to take in order to achieve his goal, and he has been diligent about working on these tasks, every week. The items on his To Do list are not huge. They are small, seemingly insignificant little tasks. Yet it is these tasks, when done consistently, over time, that will accumulate into big accomplishments. Bob has been doing these little tasks every week for the past year and they have accumulated into Bob being able to hit his goal.

Now let’s compare Bob to another business owner: Roger. Roger also came to us a year ago. He had some ideas about expanding his business. We discussed what he wanted to do and Roger said he was interested in getting started but he wanted to get back together in a couple of weeks to identify when we could schedule our coaching sessions. So, in a couple of weeks we got back together with Roger and he said “You know, it’s my busy season right now. I probably shouldn’t take on this new project so let’s get back together in a couple of months.”

We got back together with Roger a few months later and he said “You know, this whole COVID thing has been such an unknown, plus it’s an election year. I just want to wait and see how everything shakes out.”

Where do you think Roger’s business is right now? Roger’s business is exactly where Roger’s business was one year ago. Roger’s business is not one step closer to achieving that expansion, not one step closer to implementing that new idea he has for his business. One year has passed and he is not one step closer to achieving his goal.

So, the moral of this story is…be more like Bob! Bob understands that there is one key step that everyone must take regardless of what goal it is you are trying to achieve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business goal, a career goal, or a personal goal. Everyone has to take this one, first step in order to achieve any goal, and that is…to BEGIN!

If you are thinking about starting a business, making an enhancement to your business, thinking about a career change, or you just have a personal goal that you want to work on, contact Retail Level Up™. We are here to help with our personal and team coaching and consulting services.

The worst thing you can do is wait. Our time is limited so the time to take action is NOW. We will never have more time left in our careers, or quite frankly in our life. So, if you are kind of kicking around an idea, let’s get started, because every goal requires that first step, and that first step, is to begin.

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