The GIFT of Feedback – Getting Some

When we were in school, we were on the receiving end of tons of feedback. We were constantly being measured, tested, and observed. testLots has been written and researched lately about the benefits, and damages, of the methods that are used to teach, test, and measure students, but knowing how we are performing is a lot better than being left in the dark to make our own blind assumptions.

Once we leave school, our access to feedback suddenly becomes harder to find. Oh it’s still there, it’s just harder to get the details. As we get out into the world, feedback comes in less straightforward forms. We know the end results, like not getting the job, even after preparing and feeling like you “nailed” the interview process, or maybe you are wanting a promotion, but you didn’t get selected.

EyesWe may feel frustrated because we aren’t getting full access to the “whys”. Or, perhaps it’s easier to not know the details, because after all, they may point to some weaknesses we have, and we’re not sure we really want to know what those are.

But until we truly know ourselves, our strengths and our opportunities, we can’t make changes that will help us create better results in the future. It’s hard to improve when you have no one to follow but yourself. You may be good, very good, maybe even better than everyone else, at some things you do. But without outside input you will never be as good as you could be. We all do better when someone is watching and evaluating.

conversationFinding a trusted adviser, mentor, or coach will help make a big difference in your life. Whatever word used to describe them, they can help make a significant difference in what you achieve. A coach helps us grow and improve to reach our full potential.

Look for a next-step mentor. Think about where you currently are in your work or personal life and the direction you would like to go. Look for someone you admire who is a few steps ahead of you, on that same track. Look for qualities needed in a good mentor: a worthy example, availability, proven experience, wisdom, and willingness to be supportive.

No one person can answer all the questions you will have regarding every aspect of your work and personal life. Throughout our lives, we need to find several coaches who have the knowledge in the specific areas where we need help.

Studies have proven that when we share our goals with someone else, we have a better chance of achieving them. A friend or colleague could possibly fill this role for you. However supportive they may be to you, it’s probably unlikely they are trained in how to best guide you to achieve your goals. A professional coach however, IS trained. A coach has the tips, tools, and resources, and provides a structured environment that will help you hold yourself accountable. Hiring a coach is a game-changer and will give you the opportunity to have dramatically better results.

If you’re ready to get serious about the changes you’d like to make, consider hiring a coach. Be prepared to hear what they have to say. Change is rarely easy, but if change is what you want, you have to be prepared to face what’s holding you back, and most often, the obstacle is you.

feedbackThis is what you’ve been seeking: feedback.

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