The Time Management Myth

How are your time management skills? “Time management” is a myth. There is no such thing. None of us have the superhuman power to manage time. We all get 24 hours in our day, no more no less and none of us has the ability to stretch it out to make it last longer or speed it up to make it go faster. But we do have the ability to manage our choices on how we spend our time. So often, when we get to the end of the day, we realize we didn’t get to all the things on our To Do List and we reflect on why that happened. Here are 4 simple tips on how to take back control of your time and your choices.

Identify Distractions. What are the things that distract you from the task that you are trying to focus on? Do you get lost in checking your email? Or maybe you frequently take a look at the stock market to see how your stocks are doing? Or you surf the web? Or maybe you just want to check social media? Identify the things that distract you from what you were supposed to be focusing on. Becoming aware of what causes you to be distracted is the first step.

Make it Harder to Get to Those Things. Log out of all of your accounts. Close all of your browsers and windows on things that you are not working on currently. If you can make it harder to get to that distraction you are much less likely to waste your time in even looking at it. So, make it harder to get to them.

Set a Timer. When you do decide that you are going to spend some time engaging in those activities that you know are little distracting, set a timer. You know what happens when you tell yourself “Oh I’m just going to go check social media real quick,” and then you look up and an hour has gone by! Well, if you know you are going to do something that can be a time-suck, set a timer. When the timer goes off, get back to the task at hand.

Batch your Activities/Group Like Activities Together. Here is a great example of how to save time by grouping like activities together and doing them in one setting. Let’s say you pay bills on line. One way you could do it is you could log into your bank account every day to check to see what bills are coming up, schedule a payment, and then log back out. Or you could pick a day of the month, go into your bank account, and schedule all of your bills to be paid at the correct time. Do it once and be done. When you batch like activities together it makes you so much more efficient and productive.

Use these tips to make better choices on how you spend your time, because once time is spent, you never get it back.

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