Top 5 Tips for Developing Leaders

Ask the best leaders in any organization how they learned to be successful, and you often hear the same answer: they had a great mentor. If you want to ensure your organization has the ability to endure, to have lasting power, to be able to grow, you need to invest in your people. You need to help them develop leadership qualities. Many business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs are great at what they do. They have a specific area where they have superb skills like creativity, marketing, or business operations. But when it comes to the point of expanding or growing the organization, those business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs often run into the same problem, and that is their lack of skills in leading people. Leading people is challenging. Some leaders are born with the ability to lead. Others have to learn the skills. This is not something you should leave up to osmosis, or to chance. Developing future leaders should be a top priority for any organization. Here are the top five tips on how you can make sure you are taking action to develop the future leaders of your organization.

  1. See your people as who they can become. It is easy to see great leadership or great skill in someone who has already blossomed. How good are you at spotting those future, potential leaders? As a leader, it is your responsibility to look for and identify those people who have those skills and find their strengths. When you assume everyone has something great about them, some great skill within them, you automatically program your subconscious to prove that theory right. Your subconscious will automatically be looking for the strengths in people. When you project that positive energy towards your employees, they will feel that positivity and they will respond in the same manner.
  2. Share your belief in them. When someone experiences failures or setbacks they start to question their own abilities and skills, and they may lose confidence in themselves. That is when they need their leader’s encouragement the most. All roads to success go through the land of failure. Reassuring your employees of your belief in them will help them weather the slumps in their performance. Knowing their leader has confidence in their abilities can be just what they need to believe in themselves and try again.
  3. Catch them doing something right. When you catch someone doing something wrong, they may get defensive, make excuses, or become evasive. When you catch someone doing something right, it gives them positive reinforcement, helps them tap into their potential, and makes them feel that they can do even more.
  4. Place people in their strength zones. Many people lose sight to their areas of strength. Employee Appreciation is a Secret Solution to Filling Positions.They get too busy with the day-to-day life and work. They fail to reflect on their failures because they just want to put those memories in the past, missing the opportunity to figure out what they could have done better. That is why it is so important as a leader in your organization to observe your people and to share the insights of your observations with them. This helps them identify where they are really strong. It could be a big surprise to them because they find it to be easy. When something comes easily, they don’t realize they have this great skill. Helping your people identify their strengths shows your genuine interest in them and in their success.
  5. Identify the skills they need and provide world class training. There is the story of the CEO and the CFO discussing the upcoming annual budget and the specific item of discussion was the line item for training dollars. The CFO, being very fiscally conservative, said “But what if we spend all this money on training and our people leave?” To which the CEO replied “What if we don’t spend this money on training and they stay?” One of the most powerful ways to show your people how much you appreciate and value them is by investing in their ongoing training. It improves their skills which is a win-win for both the employee and for the organization. It also builds loyalty.

If you want to ensure your organization has the ability to endure, has lasting power. and has the ability to grow, you need to invest in the development of the future leaders of your organization because what you give is what you get.

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