TOP TEN – Retail Selling Mistakes

As any good retailer knows, the customer has the power. Here are the top 10 mistakes retail sales people make when engaging with customers.

  1. Failing to build rapport with the customer. This is the age of “ization”: customization and personalization.
  2. Failing to ask questions to discover the customer’s needs and requirements.
  3. Focusing on their own agenda instead of the customer’s.
  4. Talking more than listening.
  5. Sharing random information that isn’t relevant to the customer’s needs.
  6. Lack of knowledge about current promotions, sales, pricing.
  7. Lack of product knowledge.
  8. Selling too fast; trying to get the customer to buy before they are ready.
  9. Failing to address objections.
  10. Failing to add on to the sale, failing to make suggestions that would complement the customer’s purchase.

Every customer interaction matters. Make a plan to check in with every member of your sales team to insure they have the training and skills to avoid these common mistakes.

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