What Is Your Definition of Failure?

What is your definition of failure? When you make an error, or a mistake how do you feel? Do you feel ashamed? Do you feel foolish? Do you feel like quitting? Do you find yourself looking for who, or what, you can blame for why you make that mistake? We are all human and we are going to make mistakes Someone who never makes a mistake probably takes orders from someone who does make mistakes. Observe any high achiever and you will see someone who does not see mistakes as the enemy. In fact, when we give ourselves permission to fail, we give ourselves permission to excel. So, if the mistake or the error does not define us as a failure, what does? The way that we react; the way we respond when we make a mistake is what defines us.

Entrepreneurs almost never get their first business idea off the ground, but the successful ones keep going; they keep progressing forward. They keep failing-forward. Successful entrepreneurs recognize that three steps forward and two steps back still equals one step forward. People who are successful see errors, mistakes, and failures as part of the regular process of life. They learn from them, they press on, and they move forward. Thomas Edison said:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Create a new definition for yourself for failure. Regard mistakes and errors as the price you pay for making progress. No one ever does something new perfectly on their first attempt. No one starts out as an expert. When you understand that, you can give yourself permissions to attempt the new thing. You may not do it right the first time, or the second, or the third, but keep attempting! Keep learning and keep moving forward. Treat each attempt and failure as a learning experience. That is the way that we learn: we attempt, we fail, we learn, we do better next time.

Only you get to label what you do as a failure. Nobody else has that privilege. Change your definition. Change how you respond and react when you make a mistake. Take responsibility to learn from each error. Understand and accept that failing is part of the process to progress. Every major difficulty you face is a fork in the road. You choose whether this moment will be a breakdown or a breakthrough.

Maintaining a positive attitude and persevering through obstacles is the way to achieving your goals.

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